Fighting For Courage

One of my very best friends from high school, Lindsay, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She has two little girls and handled her diagnosis with a grace and dignity that I could never have mustered. She's decided to make her battle very public and has stayed connected with me even though we are half a country apart. She's having a double mastectomy and is undergoing aggressive chemotherapy. She didn't want her children to be shocked by her hair falling out so she started gradually cutting her hair until it started coming out by the handfuls when she decided to shave her head. Her children have no clue that mommy is sick.

I write Lindsay a letter every week to encourage her and give her something upbeat to focus on. We are planning a trip to New Orleans where she is planning on having nipple tattoos completed as a celebration once her battle with cancer is won. My key said "courage." I gave it to Lindsay because, despite the fact that she is being brave for everyone around her, there will be times when she needs to be reminded that her courage is there and she can draw from our courage as well as she battles.

I have determined to have courage for Lindsay and do a series of crazy things for her to enjoy via my letters while she's battling. My first was to dance in a fundraiser with my local dance studio. Mission accomplished. My next will to be a mud run next month. Every drop of sweat that hits the pavement in preparation for this run is for Lindsay. I love my friend and hope that this key serves as a reminder that she is fully capable of beating this thing and living a strong healthy life for herself, her husband, and her beautiful little girls.
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