A Deserving Person

I bought my key when I needed the word inscribed on it ("STRENGTH"). Honestly, I needed it far more than I thought I did. I had been through a lot. "A lot more than any 20 year old should," according to my mom. So I bought the key thinking that if I saw it hanging around my neck everyday then I would believe that I am stronger than I may seem to myself at times. And it really did help. I loved my key so much. I was obsessed with it. And I use those two verbs in past tense because I finally got the chance to pass it on to someone else. I feel so naked now without it, but giving it away was so worth it. It made me feel like I was really contributing to my friend and his journey to feeling better. So here it is, the story of my "STRENGTH" key:

Someone I just recently became close with has been going through an incredibly hard time. He just broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years (who he actually wanted to marry) because the distance between them was causing tension and fighting and it was tearing them apart. He knew that it was the right thing to do but he hated having to do it. So I have been letting him vent and talk to me about it and just giving advice where I can because I have gone through something similar. After I went through my situation I bought my key to help me through. Anyway, he would always tell me how inspirational my attitude was and how he wished he could be as strong as I was and how he wanted to be like me one day, even if it wasn't as soon as he wanted.. Well, recently he has gone through a few rough patches and the beginning of last week I looked in the mirror, saw my key, and without a second thought, put it into an envelope and sent it to him. I wrote him a note telling him the concept of "The Giving Keys" and told him that I wanted to "give some of my strength to him." He finally received it today and texted me crying telling me how no one has ever given him something so special and that he has never had such a true friend ever. I am honestly honored to have been able to give it to him, although I feel absolutely naked without it. But to be able to pass it onto him and have him love it as much as he has is a gift enough.

He is such a deserving person and only deserves the best, and I am just glad that I was able to show him that by giving him my key.

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