A Changed Life

This is my little sister, Crystal, and her beautiful daughter Hannah. You see, Crystal and I did not grow up together. In fact, we've been separated by miles and years since 1987. That's when I met her and saw her face to face for the first time - she was 5 and I was 10. That was the last time I saw her in person as well. Through the in between years, she made some poor choices. Got involved in some things that turned her world upside down and inside out. Hannah changed all of that. My sister spent a year in prison for a past wrong that she committed - she spent that year away from Hannah. I found her on Facebook right before she went to serve her time. Crystal CHANGED her LIFE. She has been sober and clean for a few years now. After she was released from prison, she entered a clean living complex. Hannah progressively came to live with her. My sister graduated from the Wings of Freedom program last month. During that time, she gained so many like-minded, Christian friends who have fought the same battles that she has struggled with most of her adult life. She works hard to maintain her sobriety. She works hard to provide a stable environment for herself and for beautiful Hannah. Since graduating from Wings of Freedom she has moved into a house that is outside of the program. Hannah now lives with her full time. She has a boyfriend who is good to her and good to Hannah. She gained her "wings" - free to fly into her future with the tools and support that she needs to thrive in her new life. I look forward to getting to know Crystal as an adult and getting to know my niece, Hannah.
I chose my sister to receive the "courage" key because I know that it took her much courage to step forward and reclaim her life! It takes courage every single day that she wakes to continue making the right choices. Courage to decide not to fall back on old habits and into relationships with old "friends". Courage to profess her love for Christ. Courage to stand tall in the face of all that has knocked her down.
My key is on its way to her now. She doesn't know it's coming.....and I am so very proud of her for working so hard to maintain her courage!
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