The Stories Of A Woman Paying It Forward

We have a transition house in our area where women and children of abuse can go for refuse. I bought a key with the word "resilient" on it and gave it to a staff member to give to someone they felt was worthy of that key. Hopefully they will use it as inspiration to go forward and have a wonderful life.


I gave a key with the word "hope" on it to a friend and colleague who has been going through breast cancer treatment for the past four years. Recently she underwent another surgery to remove a tumor in her colon. We are holding on to "hope" that she gets through yet another crisis with her health.


I am giving my long time friend a key with the word "strength" on it She is trying to get her life together after the suicide of her husband in January 2014. She is trying her best to hold down a job and keep her house while grieving for something that she will never understand.

We need to cherish the memories, hold on to hope, give yourself time to grieve, let your heart mend. Remember that you have friends and family who are there to support you and love you. Keep your strength.