Step Out In Bravery

I invited a group of women into my life last summer. We spent a few hours every couple weeks talking about heart issues. The fears that face us as women in this crazy life. As we talked we shared how women need to consider who they are doing life with, who is in their 'boat.' Are we surrounding ourselves with women who bring out the best in us, who challenge us to be our better selves, who recognize us for who we are and not who they want us to be? Are we in a boat with women who will support us when we step out onto the water? Peter was in a boat filled with men who might have thought he was crazy when he stepped out to walk to Jesus. Peter fixed his eyes on Christ and stepped out in faith. Women today need to be brave. They need to be brave enough to step out. They need women around them who will not look at them like they are crazy or talk about how they are crazy to other women. They need women who will encourage them! I was given my "Brave" Giving Key this winter by a friend who is in my "life boat!"
I recently gave my key away to another women who is in my boat. She stepped out in faith and did something radical. She did something that she knew God was calling her and her family to do. Through this I watched God open doors. He has given her Family above and beyond what they expected when they took that first move. This friend spends most of her time pouring into young girls. Girls who are still finding themselves. Who may not have the courage to be themselves. Girls who aren't sure what a real friend looks like. This friend inspires me to take the brave step out of the boat. When our eyes are fixed on Jesus then the first step is all we have to do, He takes care of the rest!