Healing Faith

In 2013, my boyfriend, the love of my life, was diagnosed with cancer. It was the scariest time of our lives but we always had faith that everything would turn out okay in the end. One night at the hospital I came across the giving key and I knew I had to have one. I ordered my Faith key and wore it everyday. Whenever I was feeling down or having a bad day I would grab my key and remember to keep faith that it would all work out for the best in the end. Thankfully it did and after intense chemo treatments the cancer was gone. I knew it was time to give the key to someone else who needed it more. One day I was at lunch with a dear friend who was going through a really rough time in her life. I immediately gave her my key and told her to keep the Faith and I know one day she will be giving the key to someone else because everything will work out in her life!