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She Needed It More

My COURAGE key was given to me by my mother. Someone gave it to her as she battled Stage 3 cancer (successfully!) My mother gave me the key when I told her of my decision to reenter therapy after a years-long depression. I was scared to face my demons and wearing this key every day reminded me that I was not alone.

Today, I passed the key along to my friend. She and I walked through our mother’s cancer battles together. We shared our grief when she lost her mom, as I had lost my dad. My friend told me today that she is ready to face her grief but is being impacted by challenges in her relationship and family.

Although I still felt like I needed the key, I felt my friend needed it more. When my mother passed me the key, she still had relapse fears but felt I needed the key more. I hope that giving one another courage, even when we aren’t sure we have it ourselves, can be the story of our key.

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