Finding Solace

My introduction to "The Giving Keys" was by my daughter on Mothers day. It was love at first sight, even better it was handed to me by my grandson. I immediately put it around my neck. It was a special day. When I got home and read more of the history behind the keys and the stories about what others had done with theirs I began to make a mental list of names of those who I should give it to. The more I wore it the more I became attached to it. It was like I had my child's love hugging me everyday. I soon received very sad news from a friend of mine, her daughter had lost their first child at birth. My friend/soon to be grandmother was inconsolable. I knew then that this key belonged to her. I was also looking to show my love and support for her daughter who lost the baby. I decided to purchase a key of "courage" for the daughter and give my key of "love" to my friend. They where very thankful and found the solace they were searching for.