Walking In Faith

I really LOVED my little key the short time I had it. My word was Faith and I walk in it everyday; I had my key for about a week before I felt a tug on my heart and a God whisper in my ear to pass it on. My sweet friend and hair dresser is riding out one of those big old storms of life. Her dad is very ill and in the hospital, it could very possibly be his last days and his dementia sometimes robs him and those around him of precious time together. The other thing really rocking her little life boat is that she came up short in court and lost a custody battle for her teenage step-son and it was the kind of loss that makes you scratch your head and wonder who fell asleep in court that day. She is so strong and she still smiles through her tears but she is also so tired. So as life tugs on her heart, God whispered to me that he needed me to whisper to her that the key to these times in life truly is walking in Faith that we do not walk alone and that there will be calm and peace again.