The Right Person

Three weeks ago an incoming freshmen (I am a senior now) had a heart transplant. Myself and a couple of the kids on my student government went to visit him but before I got on instagram and was looking through his posts. After seeing his post saying that "his new heart was on its way" and that he was so blessed. I could tell how strong this little freshmen was. I have worn my key through thick and thin and the simple remind of the word "strength" on my wrist has reminded me that I am strong. From this little boy's instagram I could tell how big of a heart he had even though his heart didn't want to work for him the way it should. When I visited him I told him how much of an inspiration he was and to keep smiling and stay strong and I handed him the envelope with a letter and my (now his) key. As the daughter of a cardiologist who treats heart transplant patients and the sister of a girl with heart problems of her own, I can't think of a more perfect, loving, positive boy to share my strength key with.