A Letter To My Key:

I got my key two years ago. I had heard of the organization and wanted a necklace but I wasn't sure of what word to get... Faith? Forgive? Courage?

I decided the best thing to do would be to sit back in my chair, close my eyes, and pray. God, you've brought me to this place for a reason. There's something here you want me to see. Please reveal it to me; show me what word I need.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the word FEARLESS and immediately felt at ease. That's the one I needed. I have struggled with fear for a long time, fear of so many things. Fear that I'll do the wrong thing, fear that I'll do the right thing. Fear of being alone, fear of feeling alone when I'm not alone. Fear that God isn't real, fear that He is and I'm not doing enough. Fear that I am not as strong as my demons seem to be.

I purchased my key and wore it faithfully for about a year. Then, I lost it. I had tried so hard to keep it on me at all times, to always know where it was. It really was helping me. I was praying more, I was living more, I was actively pursuing my goals. But one day I realized that my key wasn't where I normally kept it. I searched everywhere: room, house, car, work. To this day, I still have no idea what happened to it or where it could be.

My only hope is that I lost it somewhere public, some place where someone could find it. I think I was meant to lose my key when I did. I'm not as fearful as I once was and maybe there was someone out there who needed it more than I did.

So to my FEARLESS key: may you be with someone who loses you as well so that you can be found by someone new who didn't know they needed you. May you inspire your wearer to take that extra step, to walk out into the void instead of tightly gripping their safety net. May God guide you on your journey, and may you always be lost so that you can be found again.
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