Passing Grace Along

I received a 'GRACE' key from my wife's bible study church group when I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma (throat cancer) in November 2013. Since then I underwent both chemo and radiation treatments and lost 50 lbs. I prayed for God's Grace constantly and accepted whatever the outcome. This was the perfect key for me as God showered me with his Grace and I was told on June 3rd, 2014 that I was cancer free. I relied on my faith in God and the love of both my home family and church family for strength. Gog is great!

Passing 'GRACE' along...

I recently met with my local bank representative Tony, who told me his story of his daughter who became pregnant and could not support or take care of the baby who was not born yet. Tony and his wife offered to take care of the baby and raise it for her. When the baby was born they it had a significant brain/skull issue where a portion of the brain was growing outside the skull. The baby would need some very costly surgeries and medical care to correct this. I could think of no one that could use a showering of God's Grace more than Tony and his family. Please pray for Tony's family and their baby.

God is great!