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October 31, 2014

Shine Through

My name is Kim Perricelli. I recently upgraded my People Magazine subscription to the V.I.P. subscription and sent a gift subscription to my best friend.
The reason for this letter to you; I received the “Shine” key. Inside was a card that stated we each have our own unique qualities. We shine in our own way, not to underestimate myself and shine as only I can.
It made me cry, reason being I lost my son to suicide, then my job shortly after since I became unable to perform my job duties as required. (I was terminated while on disability). Since then I have also had to have surgery to my stomach to repair and earlier surgery that the surgeon messed up on which landed me in I.C.U. for a month. Enough of the sad stuff. I am fortunate to have my daughters. I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost all my children.
I just wanted to say Thank you. For whatever reason this key touched my heart and made me feel like I do have something to offer, that I am not a nothing or a waste of space in this world.
Kim Perricelli


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  • It was a really rough day for me today. I had to go and file for a divorce from the love of my life today. Although, it became the right thing to do, doesn’t mean I don’t still have a broken heart. It was truly an unexpected situation. We were incredible happy and in love and best friends for nine years. 3 months ago I came home to him leaving the house trying to be gone before I got home. There are not enough words to describe what they last three months has done to my family. So today I took a major step for me and my life and filed. Lots of tears today. I got home from work and a VIP box from my People Magazine subscription came and inside that box was this beautiful “Shine” key. I cried and cried because I know God sent this for me today on purpose. The meaning of the key, and how the keys are made mean more to me on this day than I could ever express with words.
    With all my heart, thank you so much!
    With love and kindness, Trisha Lee

    Trisha Lee on

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