The Right Decision

I was the first owner of my key as it was given to me by my friend Janet. It was a gift from the heart as there was no occasion - she just saw it in the boutique and thought of me. It said STRENGTH. I've had a lot of hardships in life but most recently in the last year I had been healing from a sexual assault. I didn't let what happen to me take over my life and I immediately took all the steps necessary to get myself through it. This is why I was gifted the key to begin with.

Fast forward to a year after the assault, I was seeking a place for some "me" time and came across the GLOW Retreat which touched on mind, body and spirit and thought it would be a great space to be. It was the same weekend as the year "anniversary" and I didn't know how I'd feel. I wanted to have a clear head, some space, and feel safe.

So last weekend I went on a journey to Cape Cod for the first ever GLOW Retreat. Of course I wore my necklace!

I went without knowing anyone and was even roomed with a complete stranger. I proceeded to the kickoff meet and greet feeling nervous. I signed in and went and got a drink. Two girls came up to me and introduced themselves, Kim & Kailee. I thought they had maybe come there together because it seemed like they were already close. I felt an immediate connection with the girls. The night went on and soon it was morning and the whole group of girls decided to meet up before our day of activities. Once we got started, we all opened up to each other as group sessions went on. Kailee spoke up a lot and showed a lot of emotion. I felt for her. I wanted to stretch out my arm so far to comfort her because she wasn't sitting close enough for me to just lean over!

She was special. I didn't know her whole story or all of her current struggles, but it didn't matter. She came to help herself grow and that takes a lot to out yourself out there in this setting. I just knew I cared and wanted to be there for her no matter what form of support that would be. I liked being around her and her positive and caring energy.

That night I had thought about my key. I the morning I brought the key and had already made the decision that Kailee would be the next caretaker of the key. I saw even more of Kailee as she let herself go in to the next days session. I knew I was making the right decision.

I came up to her as we had a quick break - and of course I proceeded to pass it over as she had a full mouth of food - my bad! I told her the purpose of the key and that I wanted her to have it. Success! She cried! I put it around her neck and we hugged it out and captured the moment with a picture.

I know the STRENGTH key will take care of Kailee as it did to me - and will be a constant reminder for her to stay the strong and confident woman I know she is.

As we have sparked a close connection and the start of a long lasting friendship and soul sisterhood, I'll still be there to watch Kailee grow and will be there for her in anyway possible. #glowretreat14

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