Similar Circumstances

I was at a point in my life where I was wondering if I would ever become unstuck - if I could ever figure out what I wanted to do for a get out of my current dead-end job. I purchased a HOPE key at a concert where the singer explained that he had been through a similar period. I wore the key every day.

Then, it all happened very quickly: I have been offered (and accepted!) a new job (a big career step), and have also been approved for a mortgage after several years of working to repair my credit and pay down student loans. Both simultaneously - I would have never even dared to dream this!

I'm finally unstuck and full of hope again. Incidentally, I had a conversation with a contractor in my office (of the job that I am leaving) who is just as stuck as I was over the past several years. It was easy to give her my key, and she wears it every day.