Inspiration To Feel Better

When my mom was having her 5 yr post op cancer check up in Los Angeles at Cedars I wandered down to kitson while we were waiting for the Dr apt to begin. I saw the giving keys and I was told about them by the sales clerk - I chose the Inspire key.
I chose that key because I hope to inspire women that I touch everyday at work, I work as a Retail Sales Manager selling plus size clothes and the difference that I make on women's lives everyday just by putting them in an outfit is life changing for them . I have cried with my customers when they are able to find things that make them feel beautiful and pretty like other girls that are regular size.
What I didn't know is that one of those special customers would actually "inspire" me-
I was asked to go to weight watchers with one of my regular customers and I accepted the invite , I was not 100% excited to go, that Monday rolled around and I didn't want to get out of bed but I did it. I have been going for 10 weeks now and have lost 22 lbs and my friend that invited me has lost almost 25. We text everyday and send each other inspiring messages , without her inspiring me I would have not been able to keep going. I am the smallest I've been in 22yrs!!! And that feels pretty amazing, we hike together and , I have ran for 2 miles straight without stopping and hike 6 miles regularly. I owe it all to my dear friend Anastasia !!! Today is her birthday and I am passing the key along to her, I can't wait to hear her story of whom she passes it to.