Have Faith In Yourself

I received the “faith” necklace from a friend about two years ago. It has been with me through the absolute craziest time in my life and has served as a constant reminder to me of faith's power and capability. I believe faith is one of the reasons I am alive today. Faith goes beyond religion. Faith is a type of desire and hope. It’s a lot like meditation-a type of very concentrated mental focus with passionate emotion directed towards a concept or situation that somehow allows miracles to happen.

I've seen such a miracle in the home of one of my, now, closest friends. A mother of 4, NICU nurse, dancer, yogi, wife, sister, and the most caring friend. Her faith penetrates every role in her life and creates small miracles everyday. With her kids, she embraces a faith in their future. One of her sweet daughters came to this world with Down Syndrome. She embraces, encourages, and supports her daughter. She involves her in every sport and activity that the other kids take part in. Instead of letting her daughter’s special needs hinder her and the family’s lifestyle, it is used as a vehicle for change, love, and faith. This has truly been a miraculous thing for me to witness.

She has always shown faith in me and faith in my success. Her faith in me has created a greater faith in myself which has carried me through many monumental steps the over the last two years. I hope my faith in her can do the same.

I gave this key away because I know that the faith she has in her family and all other areas can be just as strong within herself. I want this key to serve as a reminder of this. I want her to know that her own faith is sufficient, beautiful, and capable of miracles. The faith in her own future can be just as bright and true as the faith she has for those around her. I love you and I love your faith, soul sister.
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