What She's Capable Of

I received my Courage Key as part of my membership in MOPS. I gifted my key to a friend from my son's preschool. Like most of us, she has a lot on her plate. Her father is battling dementia and my friend balances the role of caregiver for him and for her two young children. In addition, she has undiagnosed health issues herself requiring frequent doctor appointments, lab work, etc with no answer as to why her previously healthy body is failing. When I ask her how things are going, she's quick to turn the conversation back onto me or towards the positive things in her life. Her well-respected career as a teacher is also behind her as she struggles to figure out what she's physically capable of now without clear answers or pain medication that actually works.

No doubt I see my friend as very courageous, but I also want her to know that it's okay to let her guard down once in awhile and ask for some help. By giving her this key, I'd like to remind her that no one expects her to do it without breaking down a bit and when/if that occurs, this key is a token of my commitment to be there for her.