Remember Your Worth

I have been friends with Tracey for many years. she was always there with a helpful hand and caring heart for others. Her children and husband are her world and yet no one knows the sadness that really exists within their home. Tracey has been practically a single mom, in raising her 2 daughters. Derek, her husband, suffers from Chronic head pain, and has underwent numerous testing, treatments and specialists. No one can seem to find where the root of his pain stems.
Derek has been on disability for years, due to the intensity of his pain ( vomiting profusely, Migraines ) he sleeps the majority of each day, and some days he is graced with a few hours to be apart of his family.
I have held onto my key, however Tracey is where my heart told me it needed to go. I gave her the "SHINE" key. I wanted her to never lose sight of how wonderful she is and how beautiful a person she is. Life is mysterious, however She keeps her family together. Tracey needs a healing wish for her family as well as a wish for her to always remember how wonderful she really is... Positive thoughts, allow us to receive, Positive actions. Thank you