Where This Key Belonged

I came across a post on Facebook regarding The Giving Keys. I was very intrigued and just had to have one. I had been patiently awaiting the arrival of my key in hopes it would be an antique looking one. When I received it, it was a GMC car key. While it wasn't the key I had hoped for it ended up being perfect, and it did have a quality like no other - it stood for "STRENGTH." 

My husband and I have a very dear friend who is terminally ill with Stage 4 cancer. We have watched the struggles our friend, his wife, and family have endured and continue to endure through this horrific battle. While visiting them at the hospital one evening, and in a very emotional moment, I decided this is where this key belongs... with his wife, I just felt she should have it. It was meant to be! Her husband has an auto wrecking business and this was a car key! Through many tears, I explained to her the meaning behind the key,  and she felt very blessed to have been given this gift, this symbol of strength. She replied, "Thank you soooo much. And I need about 5 more of these for the rest of my family!" She continues to wear it every day, even though at times I know she doesn't feel any strength at all.