Strength to Get Back Up

Never would I have thought that I would give my key of STRENGTH to a loved one. My brother. He moved to New York with his boyfriend with hopes of a bright future. Sadly the relationship ended due to domestic violence.

This relationship also left my brother homeless. All his family lived in Arizona. It took two weeks to get him a ticket home. He stayed with me and my family for a little while, then at my sister's house. He had completely hit rock bottom and needed just a push of strength to get back on his feet. I gave him my key with hopes of a bright future. He is slowly gaining his strength back. He was able to get his old job back in Portland and also found a friend to roommate with. I hope he stays strong and uses his story to influence people. This also made him closer to his family (and me) again. We live miles apart, yet we can always pick up where we left off.