Approaching Our Lives With Love

I bought the extra long pendant with the word LOVE for myself after a nasty breakup. I wanted the key to remind me to always do everything with love. After my boyfriend and I broke up, I forgot how important love is to show, most importantly to yourself. I got caught up in the mundane, and this key really helped remind me of what is truly most important in life: love. Throughout my time with this key, I slowly relearned how to love and let myself be loved in an unconditional way. Unconditional love is one of the hardest yet easiest things we do as humans, and it's something I strive for everyday. I may not be perfect, but neither is love.

My best friend since I was 10, Britta, was leaving for six weeks to backpack through Europe. She had been feeling really lost about where her life is going and stressed because she didn't have everything "figured out." As her trip drew near, I could see the nerves all over her face. She was scared. Scared to get lost, scared she might get hurt, scared she might be faced with situations she had never had to deal with. I reminded her that all she had to do was open her heart, and the universe would take care of the rest.

I tucked my key into a letter I wrote for her to open on the plane to her new adventure. She wore it proudly through 8 different countries, and still wears it close to her heart each day. I gave her my key because I think we all need reminders that it's okay to be scared, to not have all the answers, to be worried. As long as we approach our lives with love, everything will be okay.