A Journey of Grace

This journey started at an amazing little boutique, Philanthropy. I admired a necklace on a sales member and she told me the story. I was ecstatic to see how God would use me to bless someone else.

I waited for weeks with no sign from God, so I just enjoyed wearing the necklace. This morning I woke up and knew that I had a vivid dream of whom I was to give the necklace to. I could plainly see taking it off, and handing it over. But, upon awakening, I instantly forgot the person. All day I pondered. Then, at the very end of my day, I was talking to a co-worker when our beautiful office cleaning woman came by and like a flash, I remembered!

I instantly had my friend help me get the necklace off and gave it to the woman. I would love to tell you her name, but she only speaks Arabic and I have no idea how to spell what she pronounces to me. But God knows who she is.

At first, she didn't understand. Then, I took her to my office and started translating words on my computer. She finally understood it was a free gift from me to her. Then, we translated the word that was on the key, GRACE. She teared up, hugged me, and clung hard to the necklace.

Ten minutes later she came back and gave me this picture of someone from her home country who introduced her to God. I could tell this person was precious to her. She kept it with her always. This picture is now on my desk. A very special gift. Now I will remember to pray for this sweet woman who is trying to make America her new home.



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