For the Strength She Has and Strength She Will Need

I got the giving key with STRENGTH on it for my sister, Sadie. To be honest, I struggled a bit with trying to decide whether to get it or not, because she is already so strong. But instead of it giving her strength, maybe she can use it to be reminded of how much strength she has.

My sister recently made a very brave and amazing decision to leave her job and home for new job and life in a different and completely new city. She moved to where her boyfriend is currently training to be in the Air Force, and she will be teaching a third grade class. I am so happy for her, and I know that she is so happy. I also know that she will face some difficult situations in the future - the more minor one being teaching an entire class of 3rd grade students... on that one, I am less worried as I know that she will be the most amazing thing that's happened to many of those kids. But I also know that there will be some tough days where she will want be reminded of how strong she is. The more difficult ones being in the long-term future when her boyfriend is in the Air Force. I know that these years will be some of the hardest in her life simply given the circumstances. However, I also know that they will be some of the most amazing, since she has found the person who makes her happier than I have ever seen her, who makes her realize how amazing and strong she is, and gives her the inspiration to experience life in a whole new way. I hope she uses this key as a reminder of all of the strength that she has inside of her.