Then Faith Appeared

I'm 18 years old and I am from Mexico. My family and I were in Los Angeles for a holiday and wanted to go and spend the afternoon at the beach. My mother, my two brothers, and I got to there and started walking as we watched people skating and cycling. I was going through a very difficult time in my life, as my father had just told me he did not want to keep any contact with me. This was a pretty big shock. I stood behind my family and stared into the water that was below the pier. I spent a while looking around at what was under my feet, when a guy with brown skin stood beside me and asked me if I thought about jumping. I said no, and he looked at me for a while, took the key off of his neck and gave it to me saying that I needed it more than him and that it would help me. He was right actually, and I can never thank him for appearing in my life with the message he left.