Once You Choose Hope, Anything is Possible

I passed my giving key along to my dear friend Maureen who was diagnosed with Stage IV Glioblastoma almost 2 years ago. She was given a death sentence by her doctors but instead of just accepting this melancholy fate, she decided to choose life. You would never know today that Maureen is battling brain cancer. She lives her life to the fullest each and every day. She is a health fanatic and still works out and runs religiously, even with her limitations due to her illness. She was truly my inspiration when I ran my first 5K last weekend. It is because of Maureen that I've also decided to live a healthier lifestyle and started running and taking better care of myself. Whenever I am exhausted and just want to give up, I think about her and the amazing courage that she has to keep pushing herself throughout this journey that has been forced upon her. She is my true hero and through her perseverance, I have also learned the value of a life well lived. May Maureen continue to fight valiantly and enjoy every second of this precious life that she truly deserves.