And Again, My Story Goes On

I have been obsessed with these keys and all that they represent. I met Caitlin at a convention for my business, CAbi. She is a DOLL! I was given my first key COURAGE and loved it! I flew home 2 days later and couldn't wait to tell my family all about it. When my oldest daughter picked me up from the airport, she proceeded to tell me she had lost her job and had received some concerning news from a doctor about her health. I knew that key was meant for her and as I began telling her about it, we both cried and it became hers. She has since then started a new job and wears it everyday.

So, then without a key for myself, I bought my next one. INSPIRE because that's what I want to be all about! Not more than 3 weeks later a dear girlfriend went in for a double mastectomy and with such grace and peace. She became so inspirational! 

GRATEFUL became my next purchase as I felt so blessed. A month later I was traveling to see my sister back east who was in the hospital with Crohn's disease. She had not spoken to anyone in our family for 2 years, but now she could not run away. After 3 days of wearing my GRATEFUL key to the hospital, she asked me about my necklace and as I began to tell her about my word, she cried and once again I knew she was the next one! She has not taken it off since! 

So back to order another... BELIEVE because I do believe in a God that has a purpose for us all and these simple keys are life changing! Flying home from a trip, I am sitting next to a young man, and we begin chatting. He lives in LA and is working on a documentary about sex trafficking. The more we talked about the hardships of this subject and I began to encourage him, the word BELIEVE kept coming out of my mouth! Believe God has a plan for you, believe this documentary can make a difference, believe you are where you are supposed to be for now. Off came my necklace and gave it to him! We later became Facebook friends and he said he has not taken it off since!

So, once again I shop! This weekend is my husband's and my 33 year anniversary and since he was not the first male I gave one to, he will get the most important one, LOVE. 1 Corinthians 13:13! 

My story continues as I go to buy my next one and wait for the opportunity to give away! I have since encouraged so many others to do the same and make that their little mission like I have done. I LOVE LOVE LOVE you Caitlin for being led by your heart and sharing this ministry with the world! 



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