Inspiration to Stay the Course

I received my INSPIRE necklace recently from my best friend as a thank you after her birthday. I looked up The Giving Keys and read all the great stories. I was hoping to see why she chose this word for me, because honestly I couldn't figure it out. Over time I'm sort of glad I don't know, it gives me confidence that I've inspired in more than just one area of my life.

Today I am mailing the key to my sister in Minnesota. She and I have struggled with our weight most of our lives, partly due to poor habits passed on from others in our family. I consider us both pretty people but neither of us have really loved our bodies. We have both been working on it on and off for years, but this year seems to be that magical year. I lost 45 pounds during the spring and was so happy! My sister was also working on losing weight but her progress was slower. But all year she has been periodically posting to Facebook about her progress - whether it was positive or negative she kept on her course. By summer's end I had put 20 pounds back on and haven't been able to get back into the groove. But my sister she is making this a life change and she is doing it well. She looks great! I sent her a note and in it I said, "I've heard it said that when someone says, 'I'm proud of you' that means they somehow had a part to play in your achievement or success, but that isn't the case here. However you HAVE really inspired me. Stay the course sister." I mean that too. I'm the oldest and in many areas of our lives I have taken the limelight, it's time she had hers!