A "Fancy" Friendship

My son became fast friends with a boy on his new soccer team. My husband and his dad arranged for them to have a "play date" over spring break but I had never met the family and wasn't sure how to do the whole play date thing with people I had never met. I knew I didn't want to leave him there but I am also extremely uncomfortable around new people myself. Of course I ended up staying the entire time and that was a moment in time that has changed the course of our lives forever.

Cris (the mom) and I hit it off immediately! Even though her English was somewhat limited at the time (her family is from Brazil) we never let the language barrier get in the way. She expressed to me her gratitude for being so kind and friendly to her and told me that I was the first American that made her feel so welcome. That was almost two years ago and our friendship has blossomed so much since then.

This past summer her family moved about two hours away. Our sons are sad that they are apart but when we visit we all just pick up right where we left off.

There is never a time when "Fancy" puts herself first. She is such a selfless and giving friend. She will never know how much her friendship has meant to me. She came into my life at just the right time. Her constant encouragement and words of praise are so enduring to me. I was so down on myself until finally one day she told me that I didn't realize how beautiful I was and how others saw me. I love being able to see the world through her eyes.

Not only have I been blessed with a new friendship, but I have been blessed with her whole family. I love her two children and our husbands made fast friends too! I believe that a person's character shines through when dealing with others' children. Fancy loves my two as if they were her own. We celebrate each other's successes and are each other's helping hand when it is needed.

When searching for the perfect birthday gift for my fancy friend I knew it needed to have a special message behind it because she is genuinely such and thoughtful and caring person! I found The Giving Keys at a local specialty shop and the owner told me the story behind the keys! I knew I had found the perfect gift for the perfect person. I choose the GRATEFUL key because I am so grateful that my family and I have been blessed with the DaMata family. My greatest hope is that each of you reading this story will one day have a little "Fancy" of your own to love!!

Happy Birthday my fancy friend!! I love you!!



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