Never Ending Healing

I gave my mother a giving key with the word HEAL on it in November 2012. She was a recovering alcoholic and just made it to one year sober. I gave her this key to represent both her healing and the healing of our relationship. I told her the story behind each key and how she would have to pass this key on at some point in her life.

In February 2013, God decided He needed my mother for His garden in heaven, after all, God hand picks every rose for it. At the time I was not thinking about the key until someone from her AA group came up to me after the funeral. She told me that my mother gave her the key at one of her first meetings to help her stay strong. Now my mother is the kind of mother who keeps EVERYTHING that has to do with her children. I am now graduating college, but she still has all of my work from elementary school. I was so surprised that my mother actually gave it away only a few months after I had given it to her. If this wasn't beautiful enough, Mary gave the key to my mother's friend who was crying at the funeral. She told her the key would give her strength and help her heal from this loss. I found this to be such a beautiful story and I hope the key keeps making its way into other people's lives.