Love's Incredible Journey

Mine is not a story of homelessness or severe strife but rather about patience, perseverance, and finding love. Since I do social work, I often encounter those who are facing crisis and the need for help and compassion. I am quite inspired by The Giving Keys and all that serves as the basis for their cause. That said, I often miss opportunities to attend to my own search for love and others who share a similar quest. One such person, my cousin Jon, has paralleled my own singlehood until a few years ago when I knew he had found The One. While he and his lovely now fiancé have a brand new apartment and future to plan, they are no strangers to change, compromise, partnership, separation, and re-connection, as they move in together for a second time and prepare for their upcoming nuptials. Like any couple, they have had their share of the challenges being in a relationship brings, yet they have persevered and committed to a life together, one I hope and pray will stand the test of time.

I recently had an amazing opportunity to spend a long weekend in my favorite city, New York, with Jon who gave me his key to his incredible loft so that I could stay in ultimate comfort while on my trip. He and his fiancé showed me the sights and gave me a local's tour of the city, including their previous residences, where she had lived during a break up, and then their former shared apartment. Later that weekend, while the three of us were enjoying some beers, Jon expressed his sadness for the times when they were apart and when she was living alone, and then was unexpectedly overcome with tears of gratitude as he shared a recent time when she showed up for him in ways he never expected and probably didn't even know he needed. At this point not only did I hope for but I could BELIEVE they had found real, enduring, gritty, root-deep love. I saw it first-hand.

I am a happy, fulfilled, independent, and social gal blessed with so many good things in my life. I do however, long for a partner, one that will show up for me and one that will make me laugh and show me the world in ways they have with each other. I will keep searching. But for now I want to honor the fact that they have it and they are keeping it. As a thank you for all their recent generosity and bringing me so much joy and adventure, I am giving them the key of LOVE. I know they will keep this as long as they need to and if the day comes when they are ready to give it away, they will choose wisely. Doors may open and shut throughout their future together but they will always have the keys to turn any lock.



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