A Small Gift With a Big Impact

I passed my key on today to a lady who I don't know very well, but was deeply touched by. We met when I was selling some of my children's things that she wanted to purchase for her granddaughter. As we talked that day she told me of her daughter's drug abuse and neglect of her granddaughter. She herself was already struggling but felt she had no other choice than to take her granddaughter in.

Working long hours to support her little family with a heart breaking over her daughter and granddaughter she was quickly beginning to feel hopeless, stressed, and depressed. After she left that day, her story circled through my head many times that week. When she contacted me again a week later for some more things, I thought of the key, the key of COURAGE to pass on. She needed that reminder that she had the courage and strength all along. God had given it to her and would continue to bless her with it. I gave her the rest of the items she needed along with the key.

It's amazing how something that small can be the biggest gift of all to someone when given at the right time.