Courage To Bear A Heavy Load

I just gave a 'courage'-key, I bought in Las Vegas, to my best friend Karien for her 50th birthday. We met more than 20 years ago when my boyfriend broke her boyfriend's nose in the 'heat' of a soccer game. Since then the 4 of us have a special relationship. Since five years Karien is dealing with different but very challenging health issues. I think she deserves an extra portion of courage as it is not clear what the future will bring and no immediate solutions can be found.
For me, she is by far the coolest and strongest 'Chick' I've ever met. I hope I can spent more time with her in the future. I am sure she will be able to pass on the key when she is ready. But for now, I hope it gives her extra strength every minute of every next day.
With love to her,
Marleen xxx