What The Future Will Bring

One of my very best friends had a series of unexpected, very traumatic events happen in her life. We are the type of friends who may be busy and not talk for awhile, but we can always pick up EXACTLY where we were. She and I always gripe and complain to each other, but we still always look on the positive side of things in life. As she battled cancer, she lost her husband unexpectedly. She has a very loving and supportive group of family and friends, however, she was a rock for many during this time, and always.
I knew I wanted to get her a key. I kept wondering what was the "best" key to get her....so many of the words apply. Everyone calls her strong...and she is, but what choice did she have in this situation? I decided to get her BELIEVE. I know that there are times that she didn't know how she would get past things. There were times where she didn't feel strong. There were times that the feelings of sad and loss were overwhelming. She did not let this show. I chose to give her BELIEVE because she believed that she would heal...both physically and mentally. She put her belief in family and friends to help carry her through this time. She believed in what the future will bring her. Most of all, she believed in herself, and had a belief that she will help others find their strength, hope, and courage, to find their way. She came through the journey healthy and with knowledge and love to show to others. She is a nurse who works with patients that have cancer. She shares her story, her love, her knowledge and her belief with them and does help them find their way.