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The Process Of Giving

I am giving the key of "HOPE" to my Aunt Michelle. Not only has she been through a lot this year in her personal life but the word "HOPE" is tied to her in many other ways, with her Non-profit organization, "Giving Hope World Wide," a passion for her that I will forever be intrigued by. She encounters many people who could be appropriate recipients of this HOPE key and I know when that special person comes along she will givingly pass it on and make a difference in someone else's world...

I am giving the "BELIEVE" key to my assistant and dear friend Laura. A strong woman who is a solid business partner and amazing wife and mother with the skill to balance it all! A full-time working mother has internal struggles, I know this first hand, and as we approach 2015 Laura has been given a gift that will allow her to balance her two lives better than ever before... Laura , continue to BELIEVE that the newness you are about to encounter is a blessing. Hold on to this key until you settle in to your new role, then give it to someone special who needs to BELIEVE too...

I am giving the "FEARLESS" key to my good friend Malissa. Ever since we met a couple of years ago her life story has both intrigued and inspired me. This is woman who goes after what she wants and gets it each and every time. Her personality is magnetic, captivating all who she encounters and when it's time to party she is the life of it! However there is a kind-hearted, caring and sincere Malissa underneath that party girl, who makes it easy to find peace in her presence when going through a tough time. To a woman who has it all and whom I admire for it... Stay FEARLESS!

I am giving the "LOVE" key to my Assistant and dear friend, Jenn. Such a worldly, loving and spiritual human being, she inspires me every day with her possitive outlook on people and on life. Jenn sees beauty in everything and everyone! Everyone needs somebody like this in their life and I am grateful that she is in mine. As we approach 2015 I wish for her that LOVE continues to surround her both personally and professionally...



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