It Has Taught Me To Change My Perspective On Life And Happiness.

Almost one year ago a girl I didn't even know opened the first power yoga studio in North Wildwood New Jersey. She changed my world and today she is one of my Dearest friends. I gave Kristel Fillmore my GRATEFUL Key after embracing the meaning with all my heart. Kristel brought the practice of yoga into my life and even more so into my heart. This practice has given me the power of presence. It has taught me to change my perspective on life and happiness. It has taught me to be GRATEFUL for the smallest of things. Along with this came women and men and new friendships I am beyond thankful for. Most of all... I've learned to let go of the things I can not control. For me, this is HUGE. In being able to do this it's made life even more AMAZING. This sense of GRATEFULness has opened up POSSIBILTY, COURAGE, and my heart is so full it could burst! Kristel, I love you!! I am GRATEFUL for YOU!! FOR YOU and everything you brought to my world. I'm GRATEFUL for head stands, heart openers, new friendships, my mat, SUP, Sanskrit, poses with animal names, and my ear massages in shivasana. I'm Grateful for the ITSWELL Community and everything it's brought to my life!!!