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I know I Can Get Through Everything

So my past has not been the best, and I have been going through a ruff time because of it. But this key is not for me or about me. It's for my best friend. Her name is Erin, and she has been a blessing in my life. For Christmas/Graduating College gift I knew that I wanted to get her a giving key with the word "STRENGTH" on it. She is the strongest person I know, she is not only there for me, but for everyone who needs it at anytime. She's there when I need a shoulder to cry on or just a hug (and she's gives the best hugs EVER). Erin's strength is how I know I can get through everything, and sometimes is the only thing I have to keep me going. She has taught me a lot, and helped me through a lot. I don't think I could of repay her except knowing that because of her I can be strong and get through anything. I just wish that one day I had half the strength she has. God put that girl in my life for a reason. I love you Erin. Thank you.

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