Because This Girl Deserves It

Peace. I gave my key of peace to a precious friend who needs her life...her family's lives. Faced with many obstacles, tragedies, and unpredictable circumstances in 2014, Deanna never gave up. She battled, fought, and conquered what was given to her....and continues to fight the battles set before her. But this takes a toll. It's hard. Deanna is a mother, wife, nurse, friend. She wears many hats, but never let's one tilt...let alone, fall. She's graceful. She's enlightening.... But above all, she's God's child. His daughter. She's able to help her family overcome the incredible obstacles they've been given because He gives her strength. He guides her. She inspires us. As 2014 comes to an end, I pray for peace for her and for her family. I pray 2015 is a year filled with glorious happenings, excitement, and more happiness than she can contain. Because this girl deserves it