I Am The One That Is Inspired By Her!

My daughter Janita gave me the "Inspire" key for Christmas with this beautiful message:

Inspire means to guide or control by divine influence. You have been an inspiration to me my entire life. Showing me that beauty(outside and in), intelligence, and strength can exist in one woman. Continuing to teach me how to work hard, stand up for myself, and understand my worth. I tell you all the time that you are the nicer version of me. That quality and your faith are what I continue to aspire to be! I am forever grateful and thankful that God blessed me to have you for a Mother.

I barely read the first sentence before the "crocodile" tears rolled down my cheeks. Our daughter is an amazing young women, who has never given up on her dreams. She is certainly the "bolder and braver" version of me.

I am the one that is inspired by her! I am truly blessed and I will hold this key with honor but something tells me she may get it back.

With Love,