She Can Grab Her Key And Remember The Message


Well on New Years 2014/2015 I am out with my girlfriend and her two best friends. The night was amazing and I got my first new years kiss, I know I'm 23 shoulda happened already well it was my first and it couldn't of been with a better person. We get home late and she sleeps over. After spending all morning and afternoon with me her mom calls (side note her parents do not know she is with me or that she is bisexual) she asked her if she kissed that girl Alexa.. I can see the panic all over her face. As she gets off the phone she tells me what her mom asked as tears are rolling down her cheeks. She eventually goes home nothing is said until the next day. I have to work all day anxious. After I am off she comes to talk to me. They are not taking it well. I then remember my key with the message Strength something I knew she needed more then me. and now every harsh word she recieves from her parents she can grab her key and remember the message and my love for her.