I Am Here For A Reason

Well, I am the recipient of HOPE. One of my dearest, most kind-hearted friends gifted me this necklace. She said she knew I would be one to pay if forward as I network with those who need HOPE. You see, I'm a 5 year breast cancer survivor. Survivor. A title I never thought I'd have. I was 44 when diagnosed, with two teenagers who knew what cancer was. After all, they have two grandfathers who have passed on from this dreadful disease. Sadly, I have several friends fighting themselves currently, so I will have no problem paying it forward. HOPE isn't all I have. I have FAITH. I have faith that I am here for a reason beyond my understanding and I am blessed beyond belief also. My children are grown and in college now. I never thought I'd see them graduate high school. I am a firm believer that without HOPE and FAITH in God, there is nothing that could have kept me alive. I have the will to pay it forward and speak about my journey because THAT is what gives others the same HOPE. Please, if there is a will, there is a way. Take care of those who are needing to survive ANYTHING; not just cancer. Be a supporter, like I am and my dear friend Joyce. I will be buying plenty of these keys in the future. Or...who knows, I'm also a go-getter, maybe I'll create my own hope network some day ;) Keep up the great words of encouragement and most of all, find your inner peace and survivor!