Lessons Of Courage From Mom


I've almost been a mother for a year now (10 months and 18 days)...

I can't describe a women who displays "courage" (the word on my key) any better then my own mother.

My mother has always been my best friend but when you add your own child into the mix you don't realize how special that mother/daughter relationship really is. I vent to my mother. I seek advice from my mother. I ask my mother tough questions. I rely on my mother. My mother babysits. My mother loves. My mother is the women I want to strive to be.

Now that I'm starting to understand what my role as a mother fully includes I believe it takes tons of "courage" to fulfill that role. Without a mother in my life (my own mother) there to display what that role should look like... I don't think I would have ever wanted to embark down this journey.

It takes a ton of "courage" to be a mother.

Thanks mom for showing me what that "courage" looks like. Through smiles and tears a courageous mom built up a brave child who later took on a risk to try to be a mother to her own child through "courage".

I love you mom.