She's Overcome Them All

I was given a PEACE key as a "Secret Santa" gift by my friend Katie, who wrote a tear-jerker note about growing up together, now working together, and her knowing I need more of this trait in my crazy-busy life. However, after only one week of wearing it (nearly every day — and it’s helped!), I am already compelled to pass it on.

Yes, my job as a business owner is stressful, and raising 17-month-old twins takes a toll. But, my friend Erika needs PEACE even more.

Erika and I have been friends since grade school. She has always been a heart-warming, fun, and caring friend. Her laughter fills the room. She's had more obstacles thrown her way in 35 years than most people encounter in their lifetime, and she's overcome them all. And, not just overcome, but emerged with grace, strength and faith. She's found an incredible husband and built a loving family that is a source of friendship and support to mine. What a blessing they are!

Today, Erika and her husband are dealing with a family struggle. A tough one. One that is unpredictable, both in timing and outcome. I pray that this necklace will envelop her in calmness and serenity. Will remind her that this situation is out of her hands. To give it up to God. To trust in Him. And to find PEACE.