Baby Dylan

My dear close friend Linda and her husband Mike was happily awaiting their 1st child together, due date was set for January 3rd 2015. In mid October Linda was getting ready for work and her water broke. She was admitted to Abington hospital where doctors we're keeping her and trying to prevent labor and delivery. 4 days later their son Dylan Michael Di Meo was born at 3 pounds. He has made great progression but also has endured set backs and was recently transferred to Childtens Hospital in Philadelphia were he had surgery on a hernia. It has now been 81 days that he has been hospitalized ( Linda wasn't even able to be with him for his surgery because she was sick with a high fever) Linda and Mike had been given hope that he was going to be home for Christmas and also the possibility of yesterday.
Through all of this Linda has been working full time and spending nights and weekends going back and forth to the hospital. She has remained her positive, happy self, always optimistic, always a believer in faith. I have never heard Linda say "why him?" " why us?" We are all praying and hoping for Dylan to be home with his family as soon as possible