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One Day We Will Pay It Forward

I just received my first giving key HOPE. I can't even begin to express how much this means to me.
On December 31, 2014 I lost a very important piece of my heart... my brother. He was only 35 and passed suddenly. It has only been two weeks. There are no words to describe what me and my family are going through. No one who hasn't been where we are can understand the emptiness, sadness, and hurt. We do not have an understand of the why and we probably will never get to.
I was so overwhelmed when I received this gift and my friend knew that HOPE is what I need. So I thought before I can even imagine paying it forward with the one I received, I decided that I needed to get a few more. I got STRENGTH for my Mother who just lost her only son, as she needs strength to get through each day. I got FAITH for my Father who just lost his only son, as he has strength but since we question why this happened he will need to search his faith to get by. Lastly, I got LOVE for my Sister-in-law as she became a widow unexpectedly at 35, as she has lost the love of her life and needs a little more each day.
We are not sure how long we will need these keys but one day we will pay it forward.

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