He Never Hesitated Once

This summer I walked began hanging out with a new found friend. A guy who was very similar to myself. Enjoys traveling, beers and the occasional smack talk. We became fast friends. At the beginning of August, my mother passed away somewhat unexpectedly. When I stopped by my work to clear up the needed shifts, they presented me with a giving key bracelet engraved with "love." It was so brilliant to have around as I gave my mothers eulogy. As the summer faded into a chilly autumn, I left the key with my new friend. During all of the triumphs and late night phone calls, he never hesitated once to listen or help out. When he heard what had happened, he immediately handed over his car keys and cell phone (mine had died) and said "go wherever you need to." He had shown me so much love and compassion that it only seemed right to pass it along to him. He wears it regularly.

The tale doesn't end there. In a turn of events we are leaving to Hawaii in 5 days time. We look forward to an abundance of love as we build a life together.