Love Through Faith

2 weeks ago I purchased a Giving Key with the word "Faith" on it. Yesterday was my 5 month anniversary with my Girlfriend who plays softball at Southeastern Louisiana University. I will be gone for the next 28 working offshore and when I come home I will be running a half marathon in Disney World and she will be playing softball all across the surrounding states of Louisiana, and I will not be seeing her the 14 days I am home and will return to work for another 28 day hitch before I come home to see her again. 2 1/2 months away from the person you are in love with is so hard, but with Faith, it is possible. I gave the key to her because I have Faith that we will make it. I have Faith we will make it through the bad days, the good days, the long days, and frustrating days, and happily reunite together stronger than ever in 90 days from today (1/21/25). Thank you for making these keys to let it be a reminder in our relationship to have Faith through the days we don't think we will make it without each other. All she has to do is look down and see the key around her neck and remember why I gave it to her. Simply because I love her.