Knowing I've Made Strides In My Battle

I've battled depression and suicide for years. When I found The Giving Keys, I knew I wanted a key to reflect my struggle, because I've made it far through my depression and survived thoughts and attempts of suicide. I chose to have a semicolon imprinted on my key; in honor of the semicolon project. The semicolon is put in the middle of a sentence, when the author has finished a thought, but doesn't want to end the sentence quite yet. The author is me and the sentence is my life. My story isn't over. And neither is my friend's story, who I chose to give my key to. I found out today, that she was checked into a facility to monitor her mental stability after suicide attempts and deep depression in recent months. I was so grateful to be able to pass my key to her, knowing I've made strides in my battle with depression and in hopes of being able to help in my friend's healing. Just having the key around my neck has been a daily reminder that my story isn't over, and I hope that my friend will see that too. Thank you, for starting such a wonderful project and for allowing us to help others, while helping ourselves.