She Left Me With The Faith Key

I received my giving key FAITH during my battle with breast cancer from a close friend. Kelly left her home, husband, and kids to drive 8 hours to my home to take care of me immediately following my bilateral mastectomy. She left me with the FAITH key to remind me that sometimes "the circumstances we ask God to change are often the circumstance God is using to change us." (Max Lucado) I have experienced the most amazing friendship, love, and support from my family, friends, and community throughout the past 10 months. I am profoundly grateful to cancer for allowing me to experience those around me in this way.

Today I am passing my key along to a friend that has been unemployed for 18 months. He is struggling with depression and feelings of being inadequate. He is a great father and husband as well as an active member of our community and church. My hope is that this key will remind him to have FAITH in God during this very trying time in his life.