She Was Surrounded By Dark Clouds

My friend has been going through a few problems lately and you can tell. She wouldn't look up and say hi, she wouldn't play her basketball games with ambition, she would just look like she was in a dark world where she was surrounded by dark clouds that would pour rain on her. She told me it was because her and her boyfriend had broke up and then she just walked away. A couple days passed and we both had a game at the same school. Hers was basketball and mine was soccer...after my soccer game I went to the gym to see how they had been doing but the game was already I called her over and we started talking...I asked her what's wrong and why she hasn't been happy...she told me everything and that's when I explained to her that she shouldn't cry over someone who wouldn't cry over you and that things happen for a reason...she broke down and we stepped outside because it was kind of loud in the gym. We talked some more and that's when she told me that it's also because her parents were probably gonna just got to the point were I had to take my necklace off my neck and show it to her...I told her about the key and how it's the key that keeps on giving...I told her to read the word out loud and she said strength...after that I said "you give this key to someone you think needs it more than you and when you feel you already accomplished the message on it" I handed it to her and she broke in tears on my shoulder and she hugged me and thanked me. A little time passed and we both stood up from were we were sitting and from there we said bye to each other and I called out to her before she stepped back into the gym and shouted "the key the keeps on giving. Just remember that and keep your head up no matter what happens it's gonna be alright" as I walked away I just wondered who she will later on give that key too and help. I love the tradition of the key and look forward to purchasing another and continue with the key that keeps on giving. (: